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Standard & Tailored AI training

Enhance your team’s AI capabilities with our flexible training sessions, designed to meet both general and specific organizational needs.


Unlock potential and foster innovation with personalized AI coaching designed to empower individuals and drive organizational success.

Custom AI Solutions & Support

Empower your business with bespoke AI solutions and ongoing support, including GPT creation and AI adoption plans, tailored to your unique challenges and objectives.


Tailored Training

We customize our workshops and coaching sessions to align with your organization’s objectives, ensuring relevance and immediate applicability.

Experienced Trainer

Our team comprises skilled AI professionals with practical experience, offering valuable insights and knowledge to enhance your team’s capabilities.

Proven Impact

Our clients have experienced significant improvements in efficiency, innovation, and decision-making processes through our AI training programs.

Who is ORchard AI For?

Enhancing Leadership with Orchard AI
As the Director of Marketing and Communications for a national firm, adapting to the digital landscape is key. Working with Albert and Orchard AI has elevated my digital strategy. His expert AI training boosted my productivity and enhanced my leadership in communications. The sessions, especially on custom GPTs, have been transformative, opening new avenues in our strategies. These tailored GPTs are game-changers! The skills I've gained are invaluable, keeping our communication strategies on pace with AI's evolution.

Mark Story Director of Communications and Marketing
Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network

Transformative Training: Empowering Our Team with Albert's Expertise in AI
Albert is a thoughtful, dynamic trainer who is able to captivate his audience with engaging and hands-on learning experiences. He tailors training and instructional approaches to meet the needs of the group, ensuring conceptual understanding and engagement from all participants. Our group training experience was outstanding as we observed non-believers of AI become excited about using it for research focused projects. We will continue to use his services to help our team maximize the best use of AI for the research community.

Jacqueline D’Angelo Ph.D. Research Scientist
Oregon Research Institute

Leveled Up with Albert's Help
I had heard about different AI tools, but wasn't sure which would be the best for me and my workflow. Albert asked the right questions to understand my work, and then built a personalized training with tons of insight. With his help, I'd estimate that I'm saving about 5 hours of work a week by utilizing AI tools. If you're on the fence about diving into AI, Albert's training is a game-changer. My business is running smoother than ever, and I can't thank him enough!

Nate Van Haute Marketing Freelancer
New York, New York

In the ever evolving world of AI, it has been empowering to have Orchard AI's training and on-going consultation. As the President and CEO of Jesuit Academy and my roles on various community boards, I consistently use AI to evaluate, organize and execute various tasks. Many development strategies, thoughtful grant writing, and market research have streamlined our processes and significantly improved our action item charters. The personal learning experiences ensure that I effectively implement AI concepts and techniques. As a leadership team, we capitalize on efficiency, which also provides a better work product and overall job satisfaction. Orchard AI continues to be a vital part of our operational success!

Brad Ekwerekwu President
Jesuit Academy

Meet Our Founder
Educational Insight, Executive Wisdom

Executive, Educator, Innovator
A seasoned CEO, I spearhead innovative initiatives in Omaha, blending business, education, and public health to enrich community and workforce development.

AI Empowerment Across Generations
With a passion for AI, I simplify its complexities, guiding a diverse audience to grasp and utilize AI, ensuring confidence and skill across all age groups.

Your AI Journey Guide
As a mentor in AI, I offer tailored guidance, from seasoned professionals to novices, aiming to unlock AI’s potential for your career and personal growth.

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Our courses show you how to use AI to bring your ideas to life. Discover how AI can help you solve problems creatively and turn your visions into real successes.

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Tackle tough problems easily with what you learn about AI from us. We teach you how to use AI to find smart answers, making hard tasks simpler and more manageable.

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