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Workshop Series for Adults 55+

Embark on a Transformative Journey into AI

Join Orchard AI’s exclusive workshop series, crafted for those 55 and above. This 3-workshop adventure combines hands-on learning with the excitement of exploring AI’s impact on your daily life.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Introduction to ChatGPT: Grasp the basics and navigate ChatGPT confidently.
  • Exploring Hobbies and Interests with ChatGPT: Discover how AI can fuel your passions and uncover new interests.
  • Travel Planning Made Easy with ChatGPT: Learn to utilize AI for efficient travel planning and budgeting.

Delve into AI with Orchard AI – where technology meets simplicity.

Workshop Series for

Mastering Leadership in the Age of AI

Join Orchard AI’s exclusive workshop series for CEOs, meticulously designed to deepen your understanding and mastery of AI in leadership. This series isn’t just about learning AI—it’s about leveraging it to elevate your leadership and business acumen to unprecedented levels.

Workshop Details:

  • The Power of GPTs in Leadership: Transform your approach with GPTs as your digital executive support—assistant, mentor, advisor, strategist, and more.
  • AI in Training and Development: Revolutionize your team’s learning with conversational AI, creating interactive, personalized training experiences.
  • Supercharging Communications with AI: Enhance personal and professional communication using AI, for clarity and impact.

Elevate your leadership in the digital age with Orchard AI – where innovation meets executive growth.

Workshop Series for Educational Leaders

AI-Powered Leadership in Education

Dive into Orchard AI’s exclusive workshop series, tailored for today’s visionary school principals and administrators. This series transcends traditional learning, empowering you to leverage AI for elevating leadership skills and enhancing school operations.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Enhancing Communication with AI: Master AI tools to refine school-wide communications for greater clarity and engagement.
  • Innovative Staff Development with AI: Revolutionize professional development with personalized, AI-enabled text and speech training techniques.
  • Strategic Leadership with GPTs: Utilize GPTs as a dynamic resource in your leadership toolkit for insightful decision-making and effective school management.


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